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About Us

A Lively Learning Experience

At Career and College Counselors, you’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere you have been hoping for.

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, our College Admissions Program has been helping students develop their college admissions skills and refining academic skills since 2010.

We are privileged to teach students from around the world, offering them a unique curriculum and providing dedicated coaches that will prepare them to choose the right career, the right major, the right college and graduate in 4 years with the least amount of money out of pocket

This is our Promise to you and your child as you navigate through the confusing college admissions process.

We Promise you will have the information needed to get the best price for your child's best school.

We Promise that the process will be stress free since everything from A to Z is managed by our professional coaching staff.

Our commitment to excellence and working with Career and College Counselors and our partners will create  a rewarding experience, one that will last many years after graduation. Contact us to schedule a FREE Consultation.

Students Taking Exams

 Career and College Counselors

Career and College Counselors uses both experience and the premier advanced personality and career assessment that paints a richer picture of an individual that will impact his/her decisions and interactions - personally and professionally.

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Our Clients

High School Students

What college to attend is one of the biggest and most expensive decision  a student and parents will make.  At Career and College Counselors, we help both students and parents meet their educational goals while working to keep the process as affordable. Choosing the right major, the right career and the right college and graduating in 4 years with the least amount of out-of-pocket money spent.

Adults Changing careers

The average American typically changes jobs 10 to 15 times in their lifetime.  The days of staying in one career until retirement is no longer a reality.  Changing from one career to another takes commitment and focus.  You must also take steps to meet short and long term goals.  At Career and College Counselors, we use the only assessment that captures your underlying Needs,  that examines Personality and Perceptions in a social context, and combines Behavioral and Occupational data in one report.
Finding a career you love involves research, education and confidence.  Age  doesn't matter.  Career and College Counselors can help.

University Student

Career and College Counselors


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Tom Geffers, CCFS

Tom, a Certified College Funding Specialist,  has over 30 years experience in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is  a graduate of the City University of New York in Business Administration.   He was a Commercial and Personal Lines Producer for Declaration Brokerage where he was Regional Vice-President.

As a past member of the Million Dollar Round Table, Tom  has extensive experience in Life & Health Insurance. As a licensed member of College Planning Relief, Tom has access to the expertise and the many years of college financial planning. Member of PA Association of College Admissions Counselor, Member of the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Valley Business Group, and Member of the Association for Certified College Funding Specialist.


"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

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