Advice to Help Your Recent Graduate’s Career

Has your student recently graduated from college or high school. These are a few lessons that might help you, as parents, answer the question, “Now What?” Many parents are more involved in their adult children’s careers today compared to previous generations. You’ve probably heard of Take Your Child to Work Days. Now, major companies like Google and LinkedIn offer days when you can bring your parents to work. I am serious! Because many technology jobs didn’t even exist as rec

Should You Require Your Child to Contribute to Their College Expenses?

This is an AGE OLD Question…. That not even Solomon in his wisdom could answer. The only viable answer is, “It Depends.” Some parents’ believe they have a responsibility to pay for their child’s education. Others feel that everyone should pay for their own education. Some parents would like to pay 100% of the bill, but can’t. There’s no simple answer. Some children do much better in college if they pay at least some of the bill. Other students don’t have the time management o