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5 Brain Hacks to Build Your Child’s Belief in Their Talents, Abilities, and Success

This is the second in a series of “How to Build Your Child’s Self-Image”

Your child’s high school journey can be exciting and scary for both parent and child. College or Trade?

This series came about because so many parents have asked the question,

“How Can I Enable My Child to Find Success and Fulfillment?”

Students are sometimes overwhelmed with activities, work, and study. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything they want. Often students find themselves caught up in a slew of obligations involving everything from sports to just being a teenager. In the end, who has the time to fit everything into a 24-hour day?

Or are there enough hours after everything?

If your child’s self-belief is dragging, the last thing he needs is to put themselves on the back burner and pretend everything is OK.


Because she needs self-belief to succeed in a life that will be fulfilling.

Thankfully, there’s help. With over 30 years in the classroom and working with high school students, I have discovered five brain hacks that will help you, as a parent, to build your child’s belief in their talents, abilities and ultimately their success in their future.

I. Affirmations

We have probably already seen a lot about positive affirmations, mostly because they really work! By encouraging your child to write out several statements of encouragement about themselves, and then making an honest effort to read them daily (especially out loud), he will find after a while, that he will start believing them. How to make them work with minimal effort?

Write them on sticky notes and place them around their room where he will see them as he goes about his daily life. Encourage him to make a point of reading them when he sees them.

II. Working the Subconscious

The beauty of our brains is we don’t always realize how much is being processed without our awareness. Putting positive reminders around that trigger feelings of confidence and contentment.

Did your child win an award? Hang it where she can see it. That letter of commendation? Why not frame it?

III. Journal

This is one of my favorite hacks, and I often advise my students to embrace this. We process things better when we write them down. Keeping a journal and writing about the things he/she has accomplished each day is a great way to manage the ups and down of growing up.

By adding what inspired her often leads to growth. Also, by re-reading and reviewing previous passages will allow her to see her how she managed some of her not-so-good feelings, and how she overcame them will re-enforce her strength and determination….


IV. Watch the Talk

Because our children live in a very competitive world where social media is telling them what they should look like, what they should say and act, their internal voice can often be what’s getting them down. The college admissions process is often difficult and upsetting.

Help your child by being aware and putting a stop to negative self-talk. Keeping the lines of communication is crucial during the teenage years.

When he starts the negative talk, you can recognize his feelings and substitute more positive variations on what’s being said. By replacing lies with truths about how much he has already accomplished, and how awesome he truly is.

Help him discover that it’s time to tell his inner critic to shut up and find somewhere else to live.

V. Meditate

Encourage your child to take 10 or fifteen minutes to relax her mind and find her space. This will enable her to focus inward and recognize her strengths, her abilities, and her talents. It does take time and quiet to do this self-examination.

None of these actions must take long to be effective. The key is to repeat these steps daily until they become a habit. Before you know it, your child’s confidence will rise, and self-belief will open the door to a more productive, happy, and successful life. After all, that is all we want for our children.

Tom and Maria Geffers of Career and College Counselors can help your child find the Right Career, the Right Major, the Right College and Graduate in 4 years with the least amount of money out of pocket.

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