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Are You in the Right Career to Survive in the Post COVID World?

Career and College Counselors announced today that they will be expanding their services to include career counseling to meet the unique and continuing challenges of the Post Covid-19 workforce.

Some of these challenges include flexible schedules, middle management positions disappearing, accelerating automation and the increasing demand for digital expertise.

80% of the global workforce are not happy with their careers because of the challenges of increase stress and uncertainty. Knowing these challenges, are you sure you are on the right career path to succeed?

With more people working from home, now is the perfect opportunity to invest the time and energy to reset your career, reach for your dreams, and create your plan to meet your new future.

Work and career dissatisfaction have many causes, and COVID 19 has spotlighted this feeling of unhappiness in the work environment. Other causes include lack of purpose, unawareness of your passion or interests, and just plain old dissatisfaction with your job.

Without any warning, government officials quickly separated work into two categories: essential and non-essential workers. Essential workers continued working and earning. While some non-essential workers were laid-off often due to not being able to do their jobs remotely and needed to depend on unemployment check.

No one ever wants to be told that their work and their job is not essential!

One truth that must be recognized is that today’s essential job does not automatically mean that it will also be tomorrow’s essential job.

So what can you do? Reset your career… Reach for your dreams… Create your plan

A great start in developing a plan that will help reset your career and reach for your dreams is to answer the following three important questions:

- Who are you?

- Where will you shine?

- What is your purpose?

To meet the unique needs and challenges of today, Career and College Counselors use a sixty-minute online assessment that reveals your interests and passions, your unique strengths, your stress points, and your ideal work environment. This life-long tool will help identify your career path, explore alternate career choices, and develop career strategies and techniques that will enable success. Include is a one-hour virtual appointment with a career counselor to unpack and interpret the results. Also included is the entire fifty-page report which is a life-long tool that will be used as a reference.

About Career and College Counselors

Career and College Counselors is a team of experienced career and educational professionals who provide a personalized and comprehensive career and college planning services. This assessment is used by influential consultants, coaches, mentors, and leaders to empower growth and performance, and rooted in science, validity, and positive psychology.

Tom & Maria Geffers

570- 445-4244

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