College Planning To Do List - Month of May

Updated: May 5

“How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.”

We designed the “College Planning To Do List” to help both parents and students break down the college planning journey and make it as stress free as possible.

Tom & Maria Geffers

Important Dates in May:

· May 5 – Deadline for registering for June 4 SAT

· May 6 – Deadline for registering for June 11 ACT


TIP: Take you AP’s study for finals and celebrate! The month kicks off with your last round of finals and APs, and it ends with thinking of graduation parties, awards ceremonies, and a high school diploma with your name on it.


· Register for Orientation at the college you have chosen

· Send your official/final transcripts

· Respond quickly to requests and return necessary forms – when in doubt contact the financial aid office

· Notify your financial aid office of additional funding you will receive to help pay for college (scholarships and loans, etc.)

· Take time to understand student loans and evaluate student loan lenders

· Learn about borrowing responsibility. IMPORTANT: if you take out a student loan, borrow only what you absolutely need to cover the cost of your education. When it is time to repay, you will have other financial obligations- like rent, car payments and other living expenses


TIP: Show off your subject savvy on AP’s tests. AP’s can get you college credit and can influence admissions decisions at highly selective schools. Think of each test as the big game you’ve been training for all school year.


· AP examinations are given in high schools nationally this month (MAY). Make sure that you are signed up and know the dates and times for your exams

· Make a list of teachers, counselors, employers, and other adults who you might ask to write letters of recommendation for your college applications


TIP: Lock down your summer plans before it’s too late! As a rising junior, it’s important to start building your resume for college application. There is a wide array of exciting options for high schoolers: camps, jobs, volunteer opportunities, college summer programs. The sky is the limit!


· Prepare for standardized testing

· Ask your counselor about taking the PLAN or PSAT test in the FALL. These are valuable tests to help you prepare for the actual ACT and SAT, two college entrance exams which you can take during your junior year

· Review PLAN or PSAT tests results with your parents and school counselor

· Think about adding Advanced Placement courses to your next year’s schedule


TIP: Consider your social media presence from a fresh perspective – college admissions counselors will be looking before you know it. Are you projecting your best self online? Google yourself and find out! Social media can be leveraged to showcase your passion and help admissions teams see what an awesome, unique, and talented person you are!


· Check to see if your state sponsors a college savings plan

· Speak to your counselor about taking the PSAT test next year. This will help prepare you to take the PSAT in your Junior year which is important for merit aid.

· Stay active in clubs, activities, and sports that you enjoy

· Colleges look at more than just your academic record for admission. It is important that you demonstrate your abilities and leadership skills outside the classroom

Happy Planning!

Tom and Maria

Tom & Maria Geffers of Career and College Counselors can help you choose the Right Career, the Right Major, the Right College and Graduate in 4 years with the least amount of money out of pocket.

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