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Cultivating Success in the New Year

Although I usually write about college and careers, I wanted to expand my audience. This blog speaks to parents, adults, and students.

Success means different things to different people, and where you are in life makes a huge difference. It could mean more money… moving to another state… going to your choice college…. becoming healthier…

You might also define it as having a stable job in a large company where there’s opportunity for growth, owning a home, obtaining a scholarship or grant. Or maybe your vision of success includes owning your own business, backpacking through Europe every five years, or graduating from college in 4 years.

Your personal success goals most likely also include spiritual, relationship, and other life aspirations.

Because I believe that journaling is important for your growth and gives you perspective on your journey, you need to be able to give a definite answer, “What does success mean to you?”

Whatever your perspective may be, one of your primary tasks in life is to create your own future. After all, where you are is the sum total of your choices. What will you do to welcome success into your life?

Try these ideas for creating the success you seek:

1. Tell yourself you’re worthy of success. What you say to yourself every day contributes greatly to the type of life you live. So, say to yourself that you’re worth whatever it takes to be successful. You know you deserve it. Create some positive affirmations.

2. Be very certain about what you want. When you’re confident about exactly what you seek in life, you’re better able to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Write these goals down and be specific.

3. Visualize your goals. Imagine what success will feel like – but bring it into your present, like you’ve already attained what you want. Picture in your mind having achieved your goals and the emotions that go along with your victories. While you’re working to achieve success, consider how your life will look at each step of your journey. Create a Vision Board so that you are constantly reminded of where you want to go, and what you want to achieve.

4. Prioritize your goals for success. Make your objectives an important part of your life. Think and read your goals in your journal each day. Although this can be a 2-edged sword, speaking about your intentions with your friends and family can make the plans you make become real, tangible, and believable.

5. Do at least one thing per day related to your goals. Incorporate working toward your goals into your daily life. Whether you make a phone call or research something on the internet, contribute to your goals each day by doing something. You’ll feel more actively engaged and in control of your own path to success.

6. Think of yourself as already successful. Point out to yourself daily what you’ve done recently to achieve a goal. View yourself as a person who’s already achieved success in his own right and in his own ways. Believe that you’re successful.

7. Shift gears when you need to. In your life journey, you’ll naturally change your goals a bit or add new goals. Creating success means you’ll sometimes need to change your course of action or begin making different decisions that are in alignment with your new goals. Be flexible and fluid… life is always changing and so are you!

There are plenty of methods for creating success. When you engage in these strategies, you can achieve your goals. You can begin creating your desired life today!

Journal Questions: Writing and speaking are powerful tools…. Get a notebook and write in it every day

1. What does success mean to you? How do you measure success?

2. What will you do to welcome success into your life?

3. Write your year’s goals down…. Be specific… example: I will walk 10 minutes every day

4. What do you need to change in your daily routine to achieve your goals?

Tom and I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Tom and Maria Geffers

Career and College Counselors

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