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Does Your Child Dream of Playing on a Division 1 Team?

Updated: May 5, 2022

All our children dream about playing Pro in their favorite sport. Usually, the first step in the path of turning Pro is to play at a Division 1 team.

This week on College Financial Aid and Career Navigation, Tom and Maria Geffers were privileged to have

Dr. Chris Haack of Georgia Bulldogs on our weekly.

Chris Haack was named the Georgia men’s golf coach on July 18,1996 – and he has guided the Bulldogs to their highest levels of success. He has coached the Bulldogs to two national championships (the only two in school history), eight Southeastern Conference crowns, 66 team tournament titles, and virtually every squad and individual records.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigation episode with Chris Haack where he shared about

What it takes to play on a Division 1 team

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • Chris Haack’s path to coaching division 1 golf, including coaching Tiger Woods

  • All the responsibilities that fall under the purview of a Division 1 coach

  • Scholarships for athletes and how, with academic assistance, that is spread out among a team

  • How to stay close as a team in an individual sport

  • Tournament results, and how they factor into landing a spot on a college athletic team

  • How it’s not all about athletic ability that makes you attractive to a Division 1 program

  • Title 9 and how the regulations effect a college athletic department

  • Learning how to manage your time as a Division 1 athlete to keep up on your academics

  • The resources an athletic department provides to set their athlete up for success

  • The hard task of picking a lineup for a tournament

  • How being a part of a Division 1 program can contribute to success in any career?

Watch the entire episode

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