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In Times of Stress, Enjoy Your Life

For the last few months, we have all been under some type of stress: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Stress is always a part of life and it is through stress comes growth and change. But… unrelenting stress does take a toll on all of us.

May I offer these simple yet powerful suggestions:

Stop, take a breath, and enjoy life!

All the possessions in the world mean nothing to you if you cannot take time to enjoy them. In your pursuit of material success, take time to stop, take a breath, and really make the most of the opportunities that life has given to you.

Let go of all feelings of guilt for taking time out for yourself.

You know that you will be more productive down the road if you take regular time to rest and enjoy what you have earned.

Taking time to relax and play also increases your creativity.

Some of your best ideas come to you when you are relaxed and at peace.

By allowing yourself to disengage from the stress and routines of everyday life, you allow doorways in your mind to swing open that would have otherwise remained sealed tightly shut had you remained at your desk.


What you’ve earned means little unless you take time to share it.

A freezer full of steaks is just a box of meat. Sure, it spells security to you to know that you won't go hungry, but beyond that, it does nothing for you. But when you invite family and friends to come and share in your bounty, then you experience true pleasure. And in the process, you deepen the bonds that make your life worth all the effort you have put into it in the first place!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time you allowed yourself to take a break and just enjoy life?

2. What time can you set aside during this coming week to relax?

3. Did you allow yourself the pleasure of deepening bonds through sharing the wealth?

Keep Working Towards Your Goals,

Tom and Maria Geffers



Tom & Maria of Career and College Counselors can help both adults and students choose the Right Career based on an assessment that will help you answer the essential questions: Who Am I? Where Do I Shine? And What Is My Purpose? We are “COUNSELORS AT YOUR KITCHEN TABLE.” Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!

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