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Making Memories with Your Children That Will Last a Lifetime:Nine Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Children


Summer is the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with your children through fun and engaging activities. From adventurous outdoor explorations to creative indoor projects, there are countless ways to keep kids entertained and learning all season long. Join me as we explore a variety of summer activities that will not only keep your children active but also help them build cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Here are some great summer activities to do with your kids:


1.     Have fun with water. 

If you have small children, consider getting a water table. These tables provide toddlers with opportunities to play with water and toys outside of the tub. Older children may enjoy a run through a sprinkler system to cool off or fill up balloons with water and play “War” throwing balloons at each other.  But don’t forget to clean up the broken ball. 


2.     Sell lemonade or other cool drinks. 

Although this has gone out of style, get your children into the entrepreneurial spirit and have fun at the same time. You can work together to build a stand and some signs. Then set up shop somewhere that you can attract some thirsty customers. It doesn’t matter if you only sell 1 glass, it is a great way to meet your neighbors or make new friends.  A great book that supports this idea is, “The Blue Table” by Chris Raschka.


3.     Volunteer your time. 

Volunteering is an excellent way to provide for your children a true learning experience while having fun over the summer. Research different programs that allow children to help in the community. It creates and promotes the spirit of giving. This could set the stage for regular volunteer work in the future.


4.     Fly kites. 

Buy a kite at a local store or make your own if you have the time. Remember that even if we fail making our own kites, our children will see how we deal with success with laughter or anger.  Find a safe area to fly kites and teach your children how to get their kites up into the air. Once children learn how to fly kites themselves, it may become one of their favorite summertime activities.


5.     Make summer themed arts and crafts. 

Arts and crafts can bring enjoyment to your kids year-round, but you can enjoy the summer season by doing crafts that are centered on the theme of summer. Make decorations or design your own t-shirts. Allow your kids to think creatively by coming up with their own ideas.


6.     Go for a bike ride. 

If everyone has their own bikes, you can go out for a ride as a family. Not only is this  a great way to bond and enjoy the sunshine, but it will again create a feeling of community   If your children are too young, you can take them for a wagon ride.


7.     Play backyard games. 

Head out to the backyard or a local park to play games. You can play traditional sports or make up your own games to play. Take advantage of the season's warm weather, enjoy each other, and get some much-needed exercise for both you and your children at the same time.


8.     Go to the beach. 

Declare today a beach day! Grab your beach toys, sunscreen, and bathing suits and have a good time in the sun. If you don't live by the beach, you can create your own beach day anyway. Spread towels on the ground and enjoy the sun or head to a nearby river or lake.  Being close to the water often brings a sense of connecting with nature and creates a sense of well-being.  Perfect time to go to the library and get a book on the critters that live in the water. 


9.     Go on a nature hike. 

Whether you're walking through your neighborhood or a local beach, a nature hike can make you more aware of the beauty of your surroundings. Your children might enjoy creating a collection of things they find in nature, such as rocks and shells.


Keep your kids from getting bored this summer with one or more of these activities. Instead of staying stuck in the house watching TV or playing video games.


Don’t forget to take your phone and take pictures/videos of these activities to document these precious memories!


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