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The Importance and Value of Post-Secondary Vocational Technical Education

Wheatland, Wyoming Rancher and Businessman Jim Mathis purchased WyoTech in 2018, a top-notch training school that generates career ready graduates for the growing demand for mechanics in the automotive and diesel industry. Since its purchase, the school as grown exponentially. As a former student, second time President, now owner, Jim Mathis knows firsthand the value technical training has on the ranching industry, but industries across America. Technical hands-on training brings students to the frontlines of American industries. Jim has spent his career supporting technical training schools across the nation thrive.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigation episode with Jim Mathis where we talk about the option of technical training schools.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

· A brand as a personal identification and not just a corporate identifier

· Instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in students to equip them with the ability to investigate all of life’s possibilities

· Training students to meet the work world by grading their professionalism

· The financial aid available for technical schools

· The wide demographic of the students that attend technical schools

· An employer’s willingness to wine and dine technical school graduates to enticed them to consider jobs with them

· By comparison to traditional educational models, the short amount of time it takes to find yourself in a career with a technical school

· The unique entrance requirements at technical schools

· The high demand for blue collar work today

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