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What Should I Know Before Pursuing a Law Degree?

Did ever think about pursuing a Law Degree but weren't sure about the how and the what was required?

This week's guest Michael Chen serves as the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Western State College of Law.

In this role he develops and implements initiatives necessary to achieve institutional recruitment and enrollment goals. Michael also represents the Law School by traveling nationwide to off campus recruiting programs, events and conferences. After receiving applications, he is responsible for reviewing the credentials of applicants to make admissions and scholarship decisions.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigator episode with Michael as he discuss what you should know before pursuing a law degree.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

· The many different career opportunities a law degree presents you with

· The ability to major in any subject you want before attending law school

· Part-time law school and the flexibility it provides

· The different types of financial aid available for law school

· The difference between unaccredited and accredited law schools

· Trial law and paper law as the two different types of law

· The ability to switch your focus late in your career with a law degree

Connect with Michael Chen:

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