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Where to Begin if You Want to be a Writer with Joy Ross Davis

Joy Ross Davis is the author of several books and writes imaginative fiction featuring unusual angels as main characters. Her novel, Countenance, won a Silver Medal of Excellence in an international readers’ awards contest while her novella, Emalyn’s Treasure won a coveted Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorites. She is, however, more than just an eloquent storyteller! After a twenty-five-year career as a college English professor, she traveled to Ireland and worked as a writer and photographer, publishing numerous travel articles and photos for an Irish travel agency. She has been a contributing feature writer for a local newspaper and has published articles in Southern literary magazines. She has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and lives in Alabama with her son and beloved dogs. She loves to speak at conferences, book club meetings, and events to share her connection with angels and the stories behind her books.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigation episode with Joy Ross Davis where we discuss where to begin if you want to be a writer.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

• How fulfilling the dream of becoming a writer is difficult but possible

• The different career paths a writer can embark upon

• The importance of finding an editor who is honest with you

• Writing from places you know to add the details that make it real and interesting

• The benefits of writing every day, even when you have nothing to say

• Joy shares her own personal creative process

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