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Studying on the Grass

Client Reviews

We have helped many families find the best path to their student's college education. 

Why not be the next family?

“Using Career & College Counselors, I was able to understand all the possibilities”  Azra S. Bethlehem


“Great needed information and open for loads of questions. Try it.”   Nichele B.


“Great program! Very Recommended! Learned a lot about the financial aspect of college and feel more prepared than ever!”  Student Genesis B


“With 5 children in Christian education, we wondered how we were ever going to do college. With the program, our children were prepared for the college admission process.  We greatly appreciate the program and would recommend them to anyone with

children.  The college preparation program is well worth the dollars invested on the lives of our children”  Dean & Sue C.


“As an older single parent of 2 high school students, I worried that by the time I paid off my recently acquired 30-year mortgage and their college tuition, I would be working until I was disabled or deal. I have been more than impressed with the professional and knowledgeable manner in which the team works. 

From helping me devise a plan to fund college, pay my mortgage, and have hope of retiring after all, to helping my daughter qualify for the best colleges at a price we can afford.  

Because of your expertise and hard work, my children and I are each looking at our tomorrows with hope!”   Delores A.

Hiring Career & College Counselors turned out to be a good investment. Between completing High School and having to choose the right College can be overwhelming to a teenager. Maria Helped make this process easier. I would recommend her services to anyone.  Narine T.

BIG Shout out to Career & College Counselors, my daughter received the letter from the College she wanted to go FREE RIDE! Presidential Scholarship! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maria Ann Geffers for your love to our kids, and your time and patience!!! You guys are the best!!!!!

Lorene R.

If you ask most children to name a teacher who changed his/her life, one or two often to come to mind right away. Why? Because teachers change lives. And, man, did I hit the teacher jackpot when I got placed in Mrs. Geffers class.

Not only was she an early pioneer of the benefits of aromatherapy (as her classroom was often filled with notes of vanilla and lavender), her educational philosophies were ahead of their time.

She believed in giving students opportunities to think critically and articulate their opinions instead of simply reciting facts and figures.

She brought into the community to learn about the connections between what we were learning and what surrounded us.

But, most importantly, she looked you directly in the eyes and made you feel heard. Because she did hear you. She was one of the teachers no one forgets because of that and that alone.

If she can help you, in any way whatsoever, Mrs. Geffers will.

I cannot advocate enough on her behalf. She was my teacher decades ago. She taught my brother as an AP student around the same time. But she still sends us love and encouragement 20 years later. I'm so thankful the universe brought her into my life.

Stephanie F

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