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College or Business

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

College or Business?

This is one of the huge questions that goes through both parents and their children’s minds as they prepare for the next step after high school.

Having been an educator for over 30 years and guiding students to plan for their future, I would often use the Entrepreneur model of starting a business to help students examine their interests, their dreams and learn the structure of putting together their own business. These learned life-skills are essential to all careers… professional, entrepreneurial or technical.

I was astonished on how well the book, CHOOSE by Ryan Levesque could help students clarify their career path…. College or Business?

I love Ryan Levesque’s book Choose because he explains in detail his three-tiered method: Brainstorm Test and CHOOSE the right market

So, you and your student can find the right WHO who needs to be served and ultimately decide what business to start. You both will learn to evaluate your business idea in an iterative traffic-light framework of: Red (no) Yellow (caution) Green (yes)

And use worksheets, checklists, tests, and other bonus materials to support and teach necessary life-skills to both you and your child through the entrepreneurial journey. Right now, for a very limited time, you can get Choose for 60% Off the cover price (Just $10). Not only that, but you get FREE shipping AND over $200 in free bonuses, to guide you along the entire step-by-step process! . Go here to claim your FREE copy of Choose:

Tom and Maria Geffers

Career and College Counselors

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