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The Homeschool Mom Series: Answering the Question: WHO ARE YOU?

Unlocking and discovering your authentic self and value as a homeschool mom is not merely about the academic progress of your children; it's a profound journey of self-awareness and acknowledgment of your distinctive contributions.

As you navigate the intricate role of guiding your children's education, you also embark on a path towards recognizing who you are, your true worth and embracing the profound impact you have on your family's life.

This journey entails delving deep into your core beliefs, passions, and strengths, ultimately unveiling the authentic essence of who you are as a homeschooling parent. Here are some steps that can start you on your self-discovery that will help answer the question Who Are You?:


Reflection is the cornerstone of personal growth and understanding. As a homeschool mom, taking time to reflect on your journey is essential. Consider what initially motivated you to embark on this path. Was it a desire for more personalized education for your children, a need for flexibility, or perhaps a belief in the importance of hands-on learning? Reflecting on these motivations can provide insight into your values and priorities as a parent and educator.

Furthermore, it's valuable to assess your strengths and weaknesses in the context of homeschooling. What are you naturally good at? Are you adept at creating engaging lesson plans, fostering a nurturing learning environment, or adapting to your children's individual needs?

Conversely, what areas do you struggle with? Maybe you find it challenging to maintain consistency in your schedule or to effectively manage multiple subjects simultaneously.

Acknowledging these strengths and weaknesses is not about judgment but rather about understanding yourself more fully, enabling you to leverage your strengths and address areas for growth.

By engaging in this process of reflection, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a homeschool mom. You uncover the driving forces behind your decision to homeschool, clarify your values and priorities, and recognize the unique skills and attributes you bring to your role.

Armed with this self-awareness, you can navigate your homeschooling journey with confidence and purpose, continually evolving and striving to provide the best possible education for your children.

Watch for Part II of this journey of Self-Discovery

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