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Unwrapping Learning: Keeping Homeschool Teens Inspired and Engaged During the Christmas Break

Motivating homeschool teens during the Christmas break can be a fun and rewarding challenge. Here are some creative and engaging ideas to keep them motivated and learning during the holiday season:

  1. Holiday-themed Projects:

    • Encourage your teen to take on projects related to the holidays. This could include creating handmade gifts, designing holiday cards, or even working on a special holiday-themed science experiment or research project. Grandparents love getting these thoughtful gift

2. Cooking and Baking:

  • Turn cooking and baking into a learning experience by incorporating math and science concepts. Have them double or halve recipes, understand chemical reactions in baking, or create a menu for a holiday meal. Experiment and See What Happens!

3. Literary Adventures:

  • Suggest festive reading challenges or set up a winter reading list. Consider including classic holiday stories, poetry, or novels set during the winter season. They can even write their own holiday-themed stories or poems.

  • Save these stories/poems in a scrap book

4. Virtual Field Trips:

  • Explore virtual field trips elated to the holidays. Many museums and cultural institutions offer online tours and exhibits. This can be a great way to incorporate history, art, or cultural studies into their break. Document through videos and narrate what they see, and why it is important.

5. Charity and Giving Back:

  • Instill the spirit of giving by involving them in charitable activities. This could include volunteering at local organizations, participating in food drives, or organizing a fundraising event for a cause they are passionate about.

  • Also a great resume builder

6. Holiday Science Experiments:

  • Engage in hands-on science experiments with a holiday theme. For example, they can explore the science behind snowflakes, create winter-themed chemical reactions, or learn about the physics of sledding.

7. Virtual Learning Groups:

  • Connect with other homeschooling families for virtual study sessions or collaborative projects. This can provide a sense of community and make learning more interactive and enjoyable. Although in-person is wonderful, don’t rule out Zoom.

8. Goal Setting for the New Year:

  • Encourage your teen to set academic and personal goals for the upcoming year. This can include outlining subjects they want to explore, skills they want to develop, or personal achievements they aim to reach.

  • This is an invaluable skill that can be developed early in their lif

9. Reflective Journaling:

  • Have your teen keep a reflective journal during the break. They can write about their experiences, set goals, and document what they've learned. This practice promotes self-awareness and mindfulness.

  • Great way four your teen to keep in touch with themselves… Social and Emotional Skills

Remember, the key is to blend education with the festive atmosphere of the holidays, making learning enjoyable and meaningful for your teens and creating those precious memories.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, Maria Ann Geffers Homeschool Moms2Moms Pennsylvania Moms for America

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