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Looking for Athletic Scholarships for Your High School Student?

Most high school athletes and their parents dream of being awarded a scholarship for playing their sport at college.

This week on College Financial Aid and Career Navigation, Tom and Maria Geffers were privileged to have

Patricia Marino of Marino Philanthropy

Patricia Marino is a philanthropic consultant who brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience in grantmaking/writing and development to help funders and nonprofits achieve their charitable and organizational goals.

Pat worked for three Fortune 500 Oakland-based corporations in her career. She was President of The Clorox Company Foundation, co-chaired the East Bay Funders, a collaboration of 16 Bay Area foundations focused on Neighborhood revitalization in Oakland and Richmond. She recently completed a $10 million capital campaign for the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro. Pat brings a love of and background in education and youth development to her work.

Get Athletic Scholarships (lovingly called GAS) came about because my daughter who was an athlete decided late in her senior year, try January!, that she wanted to continue to play basketball at the college level. She was an all-around athlete, having played soccer at an early age, rode horses - participating in schooling shows, ran track and cross country and actually came late to basketball, beginning that journey in 7th grade. She was not the elite athlete, but she had a great work ethic and heart. She had already applied to a bunch of schools before deciding to play in college, so her late father and I jumped into the insane "finding a college athletic scholarship" pool. What we found was the information was spread across the internet; there wasn't one place that had all the information. We also found that most of the emphasis was on the financial piece, but there wasn't much about how to integrate the academic part with how to find a good social fit. And we found that "consultants" wanted an arm and a leg to do a highlight video or to provide access to coaches. The NCAA Guide to the College Bound Student Athlete is a great guide and every student athlete should read that thoroughly but GAS has added a bit more information to that. Lexi, our daughter, ended up receiving 2 D-III Academic Scholarships, one in Illinois and one in Southern California, but she took a walk-on position with DePaul University, then in the Big East, because she thought and the coach there said it would elevate her game. It did and she transferred to the University of San Francisco, a D-I school in the West Coast Conference, where she received a full-ride, playing almost 3 years. A friend asked us to capture the process we followed because she thought it would help others. We wanted to provide something at a reasonable price that student athletes or parents could use at their own pace, to provide a guide. We also wanted student athletes to realize that the road to a college athletic scholarship is not necessarily a straight line - for each one it is different. GAS is about the 4/40 plan - four years of playing your sport to prepare for a 40-year career.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigation episode with Pat Marino where she shared about

Athletic Scholarships

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • How Patricia helps parents of athletes to apply and get athletic scholarships.

  • What is a common mis-step that parents do when helping their child get athletic scholarships?

  • Opportunities for athletic scholarships in Division 2 & 3 colleges.

  • The biggest hurdle that an athlete faces when applying for a athletic scholarships in Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 colleges.

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