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What is a Pathologist Assistant and what do they do? with Kaitlin Fish

Kaitlin Fish is a Pathologists’ Assistant (PA), at Yale University specializing in Autopsy Pathology. Kaitlin graduated from Quinnipiac University for PA school, and the University of New Haven for her bachelors, double majoring in Forensic Science and Biology pre-med. Kaitlin Fish is originally from PA, but currently lives in CT with her cat and new puppy! She enjoys plants, gardening and spending time outdoors.

Listen to this informational College Financial Aid and Career Navigation episode with Kaitlin Fish about the exciting field of pathology.

Here is what to expect on this episode:

• Dissecting worms and watching CSI, and how that can lead you to a fulfilling career

• The balance between a personal life and work, and how to find it

• The difference between a forensic pathologist, a medical examiner, and a coroner

• The role that a strong work ethic plays in achieving your goals

• The varying paths you can take when embarking on a career in pathology

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